You Can't Drive When Your Brakes Break

You Can't Drive When Your Brakes Break

Brake repair and replacement services in North Hampton, NH

Wiggin's Reconditioning & Auto Repair offers brake repair services in North Hampton, New Hampshire. We can repair calibers, front pads and brake lines. We'll diagnose the issue and resolve it quickly so that you can get back on the road with confidence. Are your brakes beyond repair? Don't panic-we also offer brake line replacement service.

3 signs you need brake repair

Brake issues are serious. Don't risk your safety with faulty brakes. Bring your car or truck to Wiggin's Reconditioning & Auto Repair in North Hampton, NH for brake repair today if:

1. You feel your vehicle pulling left or right when you brake
2. You hear strange noises when braking
3. You feel your brake pedal vibrating

Our crew will take a close look at your vehicle. After we assess the problem, we'll suggest the best solution. If your brakes are in rough shape, you can count on us for brake repair or brake line replacement services. Visit us today to learn more.